Woolton woman opens ‘Get Yer Macaron’ store after losing job and visitors can’t get enough


A woman in Liverpool has opened a micro-pastry shop after losing her job due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kelly Maguire, owner of Get Yer Macaron in Woolton Village, became unemployed during the pandemic – but saw it as an opportunity to return to the “world of hospitality.”

The 30-year-old, who worked as a personal assistant, has 10 years of hospitality experience and says she always “knew she would come back” one way or another.

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Kelly said 2Chill : “I had the idea of ​​completely modernizing the French Pastry / Macaron business with a young, fresh and cool image and I really believed that I could make it work.

“There you go, Get Yer Macaron was born.

“I traded in some local manufacturers’ markets in Manchester to be recognized, I traded on social media doing local deliveries and mail orders across the UK and the business has only grown and grow. “

Kelly, from Woolton, says Get Yer Macaron isn’t your average one-stop macaroon store.

Stepping away from typical baking with “fine French” themes, Kelly says she wanted to create something completely different to stand out from the rest of the competition.

She added: “I wanted to give something that was an everyday treat, not something that you buy as a gift every month or that wasn’t regular.

“I modernized the traditional French macaron and made it the next big treat.”

After her opening day, Kelly was inundated with positive reviews, with visitors in awe of her “absolutely amazing” buttons.

One customer said: “So Kelly, we didn’t even have time to take pictures because we just got back and OMG your buttons are something really special.

“They were amazing and for a family used to Ladurée, yours was so much nicer.”

While another customer added: “Just wanted to say thank you for the macaroons, they are amazing and are a treat.

“The best I have ever tasted. Whenever I have eaten them in the past I could never tell what flavor they were and all I could taste was irresistible sweetness. Not with yours though.

“You can taste every flavor and they’re not too sweet.”

After switching brands earlier this year, Kelly is hopeful that her new website will launch in the very near future and allow customers to pre-order online.

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