Your 2022 guide to Perth’s best vanilla slices


In a city filled with cinny rolls and crazy cookies, it’s easy to overlook the humble slice of vanilla. When done right, this fluffy custard concoction is heavenly, so we’ve been searching all over to share with you 10 of Perth’s best vanilla slices to devour.

Chu Bakery

high door

Chu undoubtedly worth the constant queues thanks to its divine array of pastries, toasties and sweet treats. This little neighborhood corner storefront across from Hyde Park is the perfect place to pick up some deliciously pastry desserts and soak up the sun on a nice day. The cabinet’s products change often, but if you come across one of their mille-feuilles (a slice of French vanilla), toss a few in your over-sweet box. It’s the ultimate combo that promises just the right amount of layers of filler and flakes to keep you coming back for more. Otherwise, opt for the vanilla éclair, it will satisfy your desires.

Dolce and Salato

Bull Creek, Fremantle, Cockburn Central, North Perth and South Perth

We all know the Italians do it better, and that’s certainly the case at Dolce and Salado. Their endless array of pies, pies, freshly baked rolls and pizza slices are enough to satisfy the hungriest of bellies, but we just can’t get past that mouth-wateringly authentic Italian topping from their vanilla slice that makes each little square the perfect bite. . Don’t forget that they are also the masters of catering, so contact them for your next big event.

Corica pastries

The North Bridge

Our hearts can’t help but crackle a little when we think of the absolute legends of Corica pastries. Not only has this team perfected their famous apple strudel, they also deliver a medium vanilla slice nailing the traditional layering to create a bite of absolute bliss. These often sell out early in the day, so we suggest dropping by for a treat and your morning coffee before they’re all gone.

Corica vanilla slice

North street store


North street store to make amazing desserts? No one is even a little surprised here. These guys seem like they can’t go wrong, and their vanilla slices are just one example of their baking prowess. We love their giant whipped cream whips that are definitely worth messing up and their super crispy layers of blisters to tie all the creamy goodness together.

North Street Store Vanilla Slice

The Pastry

South of Perth

Tucked away in the Mends Street coffee strip is the humble tastes of La Pâtisserie, a small bakery that has become a veritable institution south of the river thanks to its sweet crepes and incredible desserts. Their Vanilla Slice is the exact mix of flaky, oozing and melt-in-your-mouth, perfect to pick up before heading out for a picnic with our beautiful foreshore backdrop.

Vanilla slices from La Pâtisserie


North of Perth

We love a cheeky coffee on Sunday mornings and treat ourselves to La Fiorentina is tucked away around the corner from bustling Rue d’Angove. These clever bakers have put an Italian twist on the traditional dish with their Torta Diplomatica which adds a spongy cake between creamy and crispy exteriors with lots of icing sugar and even a strawberry on top, making it a creation that’s almost too good to devour. .

honey bakery

role stone

Slice of fried vanilla? We are so here. This hidden little secret in the hills has definitely found a way to woo us with their classic, crisp gold modernized versions on a crowd pleaser, and boy does it taste amazing. This groundbreaking team is constantly creating new interpretations of these old-fashioned treats we can’t get enough of, so get ready to taste more than one. Oh and good tip: this place makes hot rolls filled with custard from a slice of vanilla every Easter that you definitely don’t want to miss.

Honey's Bakehouse Fried Vanilla Slice

Sorbet Bakery


To walk in Sherbet is a bit like stepping into Willy Wonka’s factory with cupcakes, cookies and snacks stacked up to the sky just waiting for you to enjoy. The talented team here keeps it simple with their slices – two layers of velvety filling followed by that beloved traditional chocolate pattern on top. The hardest part will be trying to keep you from ordering a second (or third.)

Slice of Vanilla Sorbet


North of Perth

Alright, now, even though it’s technically not a slice of vanilla, we couldn’t leave Not on the list are Dolcetto’s Italian Vanilla Donuts, as well as their more conventional fabulous Vanilla Slices. This sumptuous patisserie emphasizes the importance of using only the most local and freshest ingredients, believing you can truly taste the difference in the quality of the produce. Our suggestion: take both the donut and the traditional slice, and call it a day.

Bunbury Farmers Markets


It’s not exactly Perth, but just in case you need a reason to head to the mecca of culinary goodness that is Bunbury Farmers Market… The team has mastered the sweet, sticky icing of the slice and, best of all, sells them in double packs, meaning you won’t have to share. All of their desserts and pastries are made on site, which means you know you’re getting only the freshest ingredients and the best produce. A perfect snack to smack in the car on your next road trip.

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